Reverse Advent Calandar

ADVENT begins on Sunday 1 st December this year.

Again we would encourage anyone who is looking for a different thing to do to try the Reverse Advent Calendar. Many of us have enjoyed the little boxes on our Advent Calendar and the chocolates inside. Why not join us to give something back as well?

Find an empty box:Each day put something inside to give away.

By Christmas Eve or a few days before you will have a box full of items to donate to a local charity.

If you are unsure where to donate, look for more details next month.

Reverse Advent

Chistingle Serivce

Sunday 1 st December
in Pilton Parish Church at 3.00pm.
Children of all ages, their families and everyone are invited.

Helping to make the Christingles is fun and tasty
and the lighted candles look lovely, however old or young you are.
We are supporting the work of the Children’s Society.

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