We have decided not to have the 11.00am Third Sunday Morning Prayer service during the summer months. There will still be a service on May 17th but there will be no services at this time in June, July and August. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause. However, the 6.30pm Communion service on that same Sunday will still take place and all other services continue as before.

The PCC will be discussing the future of this service in its June meeting, so if you have any particular views please do let me know in advance of that meeting.

Chris Butler


Rogation this year falls on May 10th. It is the tradition on this Sunday to beat the bounds of Parishes. To walk our whole Benefice boundary would be rather over-ambitious so instead, as usual, we will be organising a walk between our four Parish Churches. This year we will also be having a travelling Communion service (one part happening in each church). The route chosen, together with the approximate times of the Church Services, is as follows:

1.Beginning at Dinder with bacon butties in the Village Hall at 9.00am and then Communion Part 1 in the church at 9.30am. Beginning walking at 9.45am.

2.Walking to North Wootton for coffee and Communion Part 2. Estimated time of service 11.30am.

3.Walking to Pilton for lunch (please bring your own food, drinks provided) and Communion Part 3.Estimated time of Service 1.15 pm

4.Walking to Croscombe for Communion Part 4 and Tea. Estimated service time of service 4.00 pm.

5. For anyone with any energy left – Walking from Croscombe to Dinder.

Please do join us for as little or as much as you can do. For those of us who will not be walking, or who do not feel they can walk the whole route we aim to arrange shuttle transport between the churches, so if you do require a lift please let me know.

There is no charge for breakfast or tea. However collection tins will be available if anyone would like to make donations towards the work of Christian Aid (this is the start of Christian Aid week). Chris Butler


The next meeting will be on MONDAY 11th May
at Crossways Inn North Wootton at 8pm
Prayer and a Pint is an opportunity for discussion/learning in a relaxed atmosphere every 2nd Monday each month and everyone is very welcome to come and join us. For further details or information please contact Chris Butler 01749 899061


This year’s round of Annual Parochial Church Meetings is now completed. As many of you may know, Michael Comer and Clive Chivers have decided to stand down as Churchwardens in Dinder after many years in the role. We would like to thank them for all their hard work and dedication over the years. We would also like to welcome Mary Browning and Ros Comer as they take over the role in Dinder from 20th May.

Please continue to pray for all the Church Wardens, old and new, as their roles in the church are both busy and essential, keeping our churches running smoothly and in good order.
We have also had some changes to our PCCs and would like to thank all those who are standing down this year. We welcome the following new members:

Croscombe – Catherine Dietrich
Dinder – Jill Gibbons and Joe Handford.

Chris Butler


Re-reading the resurrection accounts in the Bible this year I was struck afresh by the number of times that the risen Jesus said to His followers “Peace. Peace be with you”. The early disciples were afraid. Afraid of many things and were locked away. Hiding from everybody. Fear was holding them back. Jesus spoke Peace to them because that was what they needed to hear most of all. He didn’t accuse or blame them for their unbelief, he simply spoke peace to them.

For many in the UK – international terrorism is seen as the biggest threat facing the world. It topped a YouGov poll of the public’s global concerns last September, with 77% of those questioned naming it as the most serious issue, significantly ahead of armed conflicts (60%), pandemics (52%), climate change (39%) and nuclear war (31%).

What are you afraid of? What do you fear most? While there may be some common threads, each of us has our own fears. It was fear that brought the disciples together behind locked doors. And Jesus enters the room to give them the only thing that can take the fear away, “Peace be with you.”

In both the Old and New testament the word SHALOM is used for PEACE. The root meaning of shalom is to be whole or sound and this leads to translations that speak of completeness, wholeness, well- being, to body, mind and spirit.

Shalom is not an absence of troubles and pain but the promise of God’s presence with us in the midst of them. Jesus offered His

followers what they needed most at that particular moment. TRUE SHALOM. Words that He spoke over and over again. “Peace I give to you.” He wants us to know this “peace” that brings “order, harmony, and spiritual well-being”.

In John’s Gospel (20:21) the Risen Jesus came through the locked door and offered His peace. The same Jesus offers that peace to us. Peace in our pain, fear, uncertainty and doubt. Peace that goes beyond our understanding and our circumstances.

The peace of the Lord be always with you.

Elaine Brightwell