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Contact the Rector if you need advice on practical arrangements or if there is something we need to know.  Make sure the Rector has your contact details as well, especially if these change.  If the date or the time of your wedding needs to be changed, check this with the Rector. The Rector may not be the minister who will conduct your wedding.  People often arrange weddings more than a year in advance, and Rectors have holidays and other commitments to deal with.  As soon as possible the Rector will let you know who is going to conduct the service, and will arrange for you to meet.  You should arrange the rehearsal with the minister taking the wedding.  If this isn't the Rector, you should send the fees to the Rector direct instead of taking them to the rehearsal. You may choose to appoint someone to take photographs, a professional or a friend.  The minister taking the service will speak to the photographer before the service begins to check out arrangements. Please bear in mind that we do not permit photographs or video recording during the service itself. The Rector will arrange a verger for the service. The verger will look after any special arrangements to be made, for instance for wheelchair access.  All the villages are small and have limited parking, but local arrangements for extra parking can usually be made. Confetti is a problem if it blows back into the church and has to be swept up, or if it’s plastic. If your guests want to throw things at you, try to arrange for them to throw something biodegradable, and to do this at some distance from the church door.


About a month before the wedding you should contact the Rector to arrange a rehearsal.  The rehearsal will be in the church some time during the week before the wedding.  At the rehearsal you will have a chance to go through the words of the service, and also to make sure that people know what they are to do during the service.  It takes about an hour. Only you two need to be there at the rehearsal, but you can bring along a best man, bridesmaids, parents and others if you would like. If there are any small children involved in the service it can be helpful to bring them to the rehearsal so that they are familiar with the church. Please bring to the rehearsal: 1. the banns certificate if your banns were read in another church 2. the fees in cash or cheque. If the service is being conducted by another minister, not the Rector, don't take the fees to the rehearsal but send them to the Rector direct. 3. a copy of the order of service if you have had one printed.

Banns of Marriage

Reading the banns the legal preliminary for most weddings in church.  In some circumstances - for instance if one of you is not a British citizen - the legal arrangements for your wedding may be different.  In that case, the Rector will explain to you what to do.  If your wedding is being conducted after banns, this is what to do.

The Rector will arrange for your banns to be read in this parish, normally two months before the date of the wedding. So if your wedding is in June the banns will be read during April.  Banns are read during the main Sunday service for three weeks. People often like to come to the service and hear their banns read, but you do not have to be present.  Banns have to be read in the parishes where both of you live.  If you both live in this parish, they will be read here.  If one of you lives in another parish, your banns will be read here and you must arrange for your banns to be read there as well.  If you are on the church electoral roll of this parish but live elsewhere, your banns have to be read here and also in the parish church where you live.  You can find out which parish you live in HERE.  Arranging for banns to be read in another parish Contact the Rector there six months before the wedding. Give the Rector the same details you gave us, including the same addresses.  Otherwise the banns will not be valid. The Rectorr there will tell you when your banns will be read.  They will be read during the main Sunday service for three weeks, in the same way as they will be here, but it doesn't have to be the same three Sundays as here. The Rector there will tell you how you can collect the banns certificate.  There is a small charge for this.  When you have collected the banns certificate keep it safe and bring it with you to the wedding rehearsal, or send it to us beforehand. 

Order of Service

Some people have an order of service printed for their wedding.  There is no need for the congregation to have a special order of service, as long as they have the words of the hymns, so some people choose not to print one and to use the hymn books in the church.  This is entirely up to you. If you are having an order of service printed, you must agree the hymns and the order of the service with the vicar before you have it printed.  If you are printing an order of service yourself the Rector will be happy to proof-read a draft for you before you print the final version.  The basic format of the order of service will look something like this:










A selection of popular hymns for weddings:

All creatures of our God and King

All things bright and beautiful

At the name of Jesus

And did those feet (Jerusalem)

Dear Lord and Father of mankind

Father hear the prayer we offer

Fill thou my life, O Lord my God

For the beauty of the earth

Great is thy faithfulness

Immortal, invisible, God only wise

Jesus good above all other

Let all the world in every corner sing

Lead us heavenly Father

Lord of all hopefulness

Love divine, all loves excelling

Morning has broken

Now thank we all our God

O Jesus I have promised

One more step along the world I go

O praise ye the Lord

O worship the King

Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven

Praise to the Lord, the almighty

The Lord's my shepherd

The King of Love my shepherd is

Some Do's and Don'ts

Do feel welcome and at home in the church.  The churches are open during the day, so you can come in and spend some time there.  You will  be welcome at services on Sundays, and people will like to get to know you.

Don't make arrangements for the service without letting the Rector know.  That includes arrangements that you might not think of as part of the service, like photographs or even confetti (bio-degradable please).

If you are thinking of getting married and you would like the wedding service to be held in one of these churches, you will find some useful information below.

A useful WEDDING CHECKLIST is available to help you keep track of what needs to happen and when.

If something is happening in the church, the Rector is responsible and needs to know about it. Don't have the service videoed.  It isn't allowed in church for good reasons: it distracts people, it means you're recording musicians which complicates their fees and may breach copyright, and except in really unusual circumstances people won't want to watch it.  They'll want to look at some good photos instead. Do things your way - this is your wedding.  Don't be pushed into decisions by other people, or by what you think other people will expect. 

Don't be late.  A wedding service is quite short.  If you are ten minutes late, that's a third of the whole service time gone. Do allow people to enjoy the service and be there to support you.  Don't worry about the service.  Don't try to organise every last detail.  People will sort themselves out, and you need to concentrate on getting married to each other, which is what the whole thing is about.

Hymns and Bells

Decide what hymns you would like at your wedding, and contact us to discuss them two months before the wedding.   If you are printing an order of service, do not print it until the hymns have been agreed with us. Most wedding services include three hymns, or sometimes two.  The list below may give you some ideas, but you do not have to keep to the list. There are a lot of other good and suitable hymns you might like to have.    You may also like to choose music for when you arrive and leave the service, and for the period when you are signing the registers.  The vicar may be able to suggest some pieces for you.  It is also possible to buy a tape or CD of popular wedding pieces, or you may find it helpful to talk it over with the organist.  The Rector will arrange an organist for the service. Bear in mind that the setting is a small country church, with a small organ, and that the organist is a semi-professional.  It is not Westminster Abbey and the organist may not be a professional who can play anything people ask for. As with hymns you must finalise the music with us and we will instruct the organist about what is required. If the music requires significant extra preparation time the organist's fee may be increased. If you would like the bells rung you must contact the Tower Captain to arrange this.  There is a charge which is payable directly to the Bellringers, not as part of the fees.  You will need to arrange with them when and how they are to be paid. Bellringers are volunteers working in their spare time.  Give them plenty of notice if you want a team to be available to ring.